James Slocum

All of my projects are hosted on github. Below is a list of my public projects. Don't forget to follow me if you have a github account!

Project Name Description Type Forks Followers Project Link
spinners-plus-plus A C++ implementation of CLI spinners Original 0 2 Source
BloomFilter A simple BloomFilter written in C++ Original 0 1 Source
mealplanner A simple nodejs / express / mongo webapp to figure out a week long dinner menu. Original 0 0 Source
mongodb-statad-backend A simple mongoDB backend for etsy/statsd Original 1 0 Source
networkcli A nodejs implementaton of a curses based netowork monitor. Original 0 0 Source
netstats A Go interface to /proc/net/dev Original 0 0 Source
mbw Memory Bandwidth Benchmark Fork 0 0 Source
packup A bash script that will pack files into a self unpacking bash script. Original 3 4 Source
libstatsd A C library and command line client for statsd Original 2 4 Source
ifstats A C programming interface to the /proc/net/dev file Original 2 5 Source
jsontools A C json parsing library and command line tool Original 0 1 Source