James Slocum


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“It's pronounced "fork bomb"”


For those of you uninitiated in the world of bash, the default shell on Ubuntu Linux, you might be wondering why I decided to name my blog as a sequence of seemingly random characters. The truth is that those seemingly random characters can cause a mess of trouble if entered on the command line of a bash shell prompt. They are actually a small program called a fork bomb. When run it recursively spawns 2 new processes, which in turn spawn 2 more new processes, until the system grinds to a halt because all of the process id’s have been consumed. Of course adding an nproc limit to /etc/security/limits.conf will solve this issue, but I digress. The reason for the name is to set the overall tone for the kinds of posts I will be making. Mostly this will be a development blog concerning different projects I am working on, or problems that I am trying to solve. Sometimes it will just be random ideas, thoughts and experiences. I don’t really have an intended audience, or mission for this blog, but if you stumble upon it I hope you glean some wisdom.

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