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“Up and Coming”


I just wanted to post a quick update about what is coming up, and what I have been working on. Obviously part 4 of the “A Bit of Dart” series is on its way! I have been side tracked a bit because Linux Journal said they are interested in an article about Dart written by yours truly! So needless to say that takes priority for the moment. That’s not the only project on my plate at the moment. I have been working with statsd, an awesome network daemon by the team at etsy that takes statistical data via UDP packets and sends them to a statistics back end service. I will be writing about that, and posting some sweet new C code showing it off in the new year. I have also been reading a great book called “Practical Vim” by Drew Neil. So far it is an amazing book that has brought my vim-fu to a whole new level. I will be writing a full review of that when I have finished it. Keep checking back, there are more exciting projects and tutorials on their way.

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